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Take you through the technical information of EMS and TENS

The EMS TENS Foot Massage Apparatus combines both EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) and TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) technologies to provide a unique foot massage experience. These devices are becoming increasingly popular in modern healthcare not only because of their convenience, but also because of their remarkable effect on muscle relaxation, pain relief and nerve relief


EMS Technology

EMS, or Electrical Muscle Stimulation, is a technique that sends small electrical impulses to directly stimulate muscles, causing them to contract. In foot massage equipment, EMS technology can stimulate the muscle groups in the foot in a targeted manner, helping to strengthen the muscles, increase local blood circulation, and promote muscle relaxation and recovery. For people who often feel foot fatigue or muscle tension, EMS technology can bring significant soothing effect. 

TENS technology

TENS, or Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, is a technique that stimulates nerves by delivering small electrical impulses to relieve pain. In plantar massage equipment, TENS technology is mainly used to stimulate sensory nerve endings so that pain signals cannot reach the brain, thus achieving pain relief. For plantar pain, inflammation or other nerve-related pain problems, TENS technology can provide effective relief.


Advantages of the EMS TENS Foot Massage Apparatus


Combining both EMS and TENS technology, a reflexology device can address both muscle relaxation and pain relief needs at the same time. For people who stand, walk or play sports frequently, this device not only relieves foot fatigue and tension, but also prevents foot pain caused by long-term strain. At the same time, due to its non-invasive and convenient nature, the EMS TENS Foot Massage Instrument is also an ideal choice for home health care.


Precautions for use


The following precautions should be taken when using the EMS TENS Foot Massager:


1.Please read the instructions carefully before use to ensure correct operation.

2.Avoid using it on an empty stomach, after a full meal, after drinking or after strenuous exercise.

3.For people with serious heart disease, liver disease, lung disease or other serious diseases, as well as pregnant women and children, please use it under the guidance of a doctor.

4.If discomfort or allergic reaction occurs during use, please stop using it immediately and consult your doctor.

New Product Release: 4026 Foot Massager

In this era of increasing health awareness, we understand the importance of foot health to overall health. For this reason, we have invested a great deal of research and development, combining modern technology with the wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine to launch this new EMS TENS foot massage device.


The EMS TENS Foot Massager has been designed with the user's habits and comfort in mind. The ergonomic design ensures that the device fits the curves of the foot, making the massage more precise and to the point. At the same time, we also added a variety of massage modes and intensity adjustment function, users can according to their own needs for personalised settings, enjoy the most suitable for their own massage experien


Factory discount EMS Tens Relieve pain improve circulation Foot MassagerMain description of the product:

1.Technology: EMS+TENS+EPT

2. Qualification: FDA+FSA+HSA

3. Timing function: 15,30,45,60 mins.

4. Infrared heating function: 1-3 speeds, effective disinfection, sterilisation, anti-inflammatory

5. Body and sole use at the same time

6. Remote control and display two in one, remote control with adsorption function, convenient storage

7. Equipped with: 1 power cord + 2 wires + 1 remote control + 1 manual + 8 patches

8. No noise, no vibration, no size limitation.

9. Intensity 1-20 levels, 1-9 models


We believe that the launch of this product will bring a brand new foot massage experience to users, and will also promote the development of the entire health care industry. We will continue to uphold the "innovation, quality, service" concept, and continue to introduce more high-quality products, for the majority of customers to bring a healthier, more comfortable life experience.

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