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What are the indicators for choosing the core of an oxygen concentrator?

When choosing a oxygen concentrator machine, some consumers often miss the key points and pay more attention to the appearance of the machine. The lighter the weight of the machine, the better, the less noise the better, and the more functions the machine has, the better.

The consumer's concept of machine selection is actually wrong. First, some technologies cannot meet the requirements. Second, some products that can meet the demand are very expensive.

So how to choose a good oxygen concentrator?

1. Select the core standard of the oxygen generator, and the order is in order.

1. Product factor: stability of oxygen concentration.

To ensure that the inhalation of more than 82% of medical oxygen can play a role in health care and medical treatment. The oxygen concentration is unstable. The patient thinks that what he is inhaling is effective oxygen, but it is actually air, which delays the disease.

For example, an oxygen concentrator has been used for 2 years normally, and the oxygen concentration is lower than 90%. Is the oxygen concentration of this oxygen generator stable?

2. Product factor: the life of the machine.

The longer the life of the machine, the lower the cost of use, which is actually equivalent to saving money, especially for patients who need oxygen for a long time.

Cost estimating method: Purchase amount / machine running time = hourly usage cost.

Some machines are cheap but have a short lifespan. In addition to the purchase cost of replacing the machine, it also costs the purchaser to deal with the after-sales time cost.

1. good machine tops  2. poor oxygen generators.

3. Product factors: low failure rate

This is easy to understand, the lower the product failure rate, the better the quality.

Save worry, save money, save time.

4. Product factor: price

Price is the determining factor for purchasing a product, but it is not the core factor. It can have a therapeutic effect, and it is worthwhile to spend more money.

On the contrary, no matter how cheap the price is, the products you buy are ineffective, and the money is not worth it.

If there is a product that can solve the problem of immortality and sell for 100 million yuan, do you think it is expensive?

It's not expensive, because many rich people still pay for it.

5. Product factor: noise

Many people are very afraid of noise, and hope that the oxygen concentrator is the best without noise.

Wishful thinking, determined by physical kinetic energy, as long as there is mechanical force, there will be sound.

The main noise of the oxygen generator is the noise of the compressor and the business of molecular sieve and four-way valve ventilation.

Under the premise of satisfying the stability of oxygen concentration, the life of the machine, the low failure rate and the price, the smaller the noise, the better.

Noise is better solved than the previous 4 problems.

Second, the seller's service factors

Many buyers tend to pay more attention to the price and brand of the product when purchasing a product, thinking that if the product is good, the service must be good.

In fact, it is a big misunderstanding. For example, a school has key classes and ordinary classes, as does the seller of oxygen generators.

Even in different regions of the same oxygen concentrator manufacturer, the efficiency of service and the speed of after-sales will be different.

At this time, it reflects the professional service and value of the seller.

1. Service factor: the service provider's ability to solve problems after sale

If the seller you choose can help you solve the after-sales ability, it is best.

2. Service factor: the speed of processing after-sales

This is a problem that many buyers ignore. Oxygen generators are related to the health of patients, especially critically ill patients. If they cannot be solved in the first time, it may delay the patient's condition.

First, we can respond to customer information in a timely manner.

Second, sellers and buyers can communicate happily and quickly confirm faults.

Third, it can quickly solve the fault.

3. How does Xiaobai judge the seller's after-sales ability?

1) The seller's familiarity with the product

If the seller is very familiar with himself or the products on the market, the seller's professional and after-sales ability may be relatively strong.

2) Whether the seller is overly boasting before the sale

The seller has always promised product quality and can quickly solve the problem, but can't answer your questions, and the after-sales ability may not be good.

If the seller dares to speak out the shortcomings of the product, it means that the seller is a real person, and the after-sales ability may be relatively strong.

3) Does the seller keep close contact with the manufacturer?

If a buyer asks a question about the seller's product, the seller can't answer your question, but can contact the manufacturer as soon as possible to help you solve the problem, indicating that the seller's after-sales ability may be relatively strong.


1. Select the core standard of oxygen generator

1) Product factors: oxygen concentration stability, machine life, low failure rate, price, noise

2) Service factors: the service provider's ability to solve problems after sales and the speed of handling after sales

2. In the future, the technological development of oxygen concentrator manufacturers will be similar to that of mobile phones, and the technological gap will become smaller and smaller.

It depends on the seller's professionalism and whether the after-sales ability can meet the buyer's personalized needs.

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