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Oxygen concentrator machine for home is popular in India market these days !
Recently,from the news,the COVID-19 is spreading in India, and many people is infected,and the number of infection is rising everyday,it leads to the increasing demand of medical supplies. In addition,we all know that,the COVID-19 will affect our lungs,after we infected COVID-19,the function of our lungs is impaired,it means our lungs can not work normally,then our breath is affected,too.Because our lungs can not provide enough oxygen for our body,but oxygen is necessity for human,so our body will show all kinds of disease.How to solve this problem? The oxygen concentrator machine for home  can help solve or relieve this problem.Indriectly it leads to the demand for oxygen concentrators is increasing,that's why our oxygen concentrators are very hot these days,even we are out of stock.According to the investigation,large number of oxygen concentrators exports to India.On 22th,April,2021,a customer from India bought all of our stock
for Indian market,meanwhile,many inquiries directly or indirectly from India.From a business perspective, maybe it is good news for our company,but from the view of human life,it is not a good news,life is valuable,but life is also very fragile,we wish all people from the earth can cherish our life and stay away from disease,meanwhile,wish the COVID-19 will dissappear soon,human life needs
to return to normal.

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