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Finger Rehabilitation Robot Finger Rehabilitation Robot Finger Rehabilitation Robot Finger Rehabilitation Robot Finger Rehabilitation Robot Finger Rehabilitation Robot

Finger Rehabilitation Robot

Main Functions:
Automatic Mode:The most widely used mode for the rehabilitation robotic glove is its automatic training function. It doesn't require assistance from others or the use of another hand. Simply put on the glove, turn on the switch, and in the next 20 minutes, you can engage in independent finger training. This can effectively assist patients in achieving hand stretching and gripping movements, thus restoring hand flexibility. Mirror Mode:
By wearing the mirrored hand strap on the other healthy hand, you can perform gripping and relaxing movements, allowing you to independently control the duration of each gripping and stretching action of the affected hand. This mode is suitable for patients who want to have autonomous control over the training pace and decide the timing of each gripping and stretching action. For example, when using the mirrored glove to pick up lightweight objects, you can determine the gripping duration yourself, instead of gripping for a fixed number of seconds as in the automatic mode before releasing. Soft Mode:
If the patient's affected hand experiences significant pain, it may not be suitable for extensive gripping and stretching exercises. In such cases, our latest design includes a soft mode that allows the patient's fingers to make smaller movements, minimizing any discomfort or pain during the training process. Select Training Fingers:
If you only want to train specific fingers among the five fingers or if certain fingers are not suitable for training, you can simply deselect the fingers you don't need directly on the high-definition screen. Once deselected, these fingers will no longer be involved in the training exercises. Our 2023 upgraded rehabilitation robotic glove allows users to choose the fingers they want to train directly on the high-definition touchscreen interface. This method is simpler and more convenient compared to previous versions, which required twisting valves to control the training fingers. We believe you'll appreciate this upgrade! Training Fingers in Turn:
Our robotic glove defaults to training all the selected fingers simultaneously. However, it also supports users in training fingers one by one in sequence to meet the diverse training needs of patients. This makes the training experience more versatile, offering more than just a monotonous single training mode. Our Rehabilitation Robot Gloves Have Been Patented and Certified!

Main Features:
1:The product has obtained patent certification. This robot glove for hand function rehabilitation combines neuroscience and flexible robotics technology, and use the flexible pneumatic bionic glove as the power source. Through hand training, it promotes the recovery of hand flexibility of user from three levels of nerves, brain and muscles. 2:Large-capacity rechargeable lithium battery (11.1V, 2600mAH). When charging the battery. the system automatically switches to the direct power supply mode, which can bring a greater training experience. lt is recommended to use the power supply for daily use, and it can be powered by the battery when you are outside , easy to carry and use. The host is equipped with a power switch, which is energy-saving. 3:Positive and negative air pumps with large flow rate of gas (flow rate ≧5 liters per minute), two-position three-way solenoid valve for independent training of five fingers, and strong exercise. The exquisite and reasonable design can stabilize the heat generated by the product in a constant range and increase the service life of the product. 4:Touch button and LED display, easy to operate, clear at a glance. 5:The time and strength of finger stretching and clenching can be adjusted independently. 6:The product can remember the personalized settings of this training, and can be used directly when the machine is turned on next time. In addition, theproduct has a system reset button. 7:The product design is beautiful and high-grade, using ABS, rubber PEtransparent PC and other materials.

A rehabilitation training product specifically designed for patients with hand or finger dysfunction. ‹Limited hand mobility›: Inability to bend or straighten fingers, and lack of grip strength in the palm. ‹Hand muscle atrophy›: Muscle wasting or weakness caused by neurological or muscular issues. ‹Dysfunction of hand movement›: Poor coordination and instability of hand movements caused by neurological problems or other diseases ‹Hand sensory disorders›: Abnormal sensations such as numbness in the hands caused by neurological problems Regardless of the cause of your hand symptoms, if you are experiencing the aforementioned hand or finger issues, our finger rehabilitation training gloves may bring hope to you !


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