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IPL Laser Ice Point Hair Removal

IPL Laser Ice Point Hair Removal

Model JL020
Power supply 100-240V AC,50Hz/60Hz
Spot Size 5.1cm²
Ice technique Ice wave film+sapphire ice compress
Wavelength 550nm-1200nm
Lamp life 600000 Flashes
Frequency range Maximum 2Hz



1.Unique design, light and luxurious shape, extreme golden ratio, sharp-edged lines, high-level simplicity, in line with the current consumption aesthetic trend.

2.Large-size sapphire ice compress, 8-15° ice sensation, no need to endure pain, cool and not hurt the skin throughout the process, 3 levels of cooling adjustment to adapt to different groups of people.

Large-size sapphire has a larger light-emitting area than ordinary handheld devices, and has a high-energy flash light-emitting system to support hair removal in a shorter time, which is half the time than handheld devices.

3.25J ultra-high energy, effectively destroys the nutrition of hair follicles and dermal papilla, thereby inhibiting hair growth.

Machine size advantage, built-in more reliable high-performance circuit to ensure continuous long-term high-energy working state.

4.With "ice compress" hair removal does not hurt the skin, ①Ice is more moisturizing, ②Reject dryness, redness and swelling.

The high-energy refrigeration system ensures continuous cooling effect, and the handheld device can only be maintained for a short time.

5.With 560nm filter, filter ultraviolet light without hurting the skin.

Intercepting long-wavelength light waves does not hurt the skin, and the experience is more comfortable.

6.Advantages of machine size and space Unlimited cloth parts Rational design of larger margin circuit and heat dissipation system.

Better continuous working ability and long service life.

7. one million flashes, 0.9s continuous flash, 9-25J intense pulsed light, 9 levels energy adjustment.

8.This efficient hair removal device not only thoroughly removes unwanted hair, but also features advanced skin care technology that significantly improves skin texture. It leaves your skin feeling smoother, softer, and radiating a natural glow while enjoying gentle hair removal.

9.This multi-functional hair removal device not only effortlessly removes unwanted hair but also features a whitening function. With its use, your skin will gradually become brighter and more even-toned, radiating a healthy, natural glow.Package:

Power cord, instruction manual, goggles, razor, gel.

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